CSR 2014

Blood Drive

AUTOCOM conducted its annual Blood Drive with Indus Hospital on August 19. Indus had recently setup its Blood Bank and AUTOCOM stepped up to provide blood donation to help Indus Hospital with the noble cause, as part of our CSR campaign for 2014.During the Blood Drive AUTOCOM staff as well as CEOs and employees of esteemed organizations participated. The milestone of 100 donors was reached that day.

Corporative Vocational Training in collaboration with Aman Tech

German Pakistan Training Initiative (GPATI) and AUTOCOM formed a collaboration this year to take trainees onboard with Aman Tech. Autocom is training the incumbents and giving them the tools they need to succeed in their careers. Also, students from Aman Tech also visited our production facility as part of their practical industrial exposure.

Imparting training on Safety

An awareness session for labors of a furniture shop was organized in 2014, in which they were educated about the hazards/dangers in an environment of painting and woodwork in furniture shops that could potentially cause harm. Safety equipment to be used in such an environment was also demonstrated, including masks, helmets, gloves, etc. Fire safety training was also provided to ensure the prevention of huge material loss or loss of life in case of a fire.