We have strong belief in helping the society we work in, some of our CSR initiatives include:


The Charter for Compassion

The Charter for Compassion Pakistan
The Charter for Compassion Society of Pakistan (CfC) aims to create a vibrant, peaceful, and compassionate society through the creation of innovative programs, education, and training on compassionate thought and action. Our programs, tools, and activities allow our stakeholders and partners the opportunity to explore the value of collaboration, empathy, and compassion within their own respective entities, and institutionalize these positive changes
across all sections of society.



Network of Organizations Working for People with Disabilities, Pakistan (NOWPDP)
NOWPDP catalyzes the creation of an inclusive society that values and upholds the rights of people with disabilities, through its programmes in employment generation, capacity-building, advocacy and awareness.

Karachi Relief Trust

Karachi Relief Trust

Karachi Relief Trust is Disaster Management Voluntary Organization originally established to provide relief to the people afflicted in Pakistan. This group of civic minded volunteers came together with the fundamental belief that each of us can and should make a difference.
Their efforts continue to assist the victims of natural disasters and our cause remains to support them in their hour of need.