CSR 2015


Imparting Training on Safety 

We believe that fulfilling our social responsibility for betterment of our country is equally important as it is to run a successful business. We are highly committed to promoting safety at work place, be it anywhere. In this regard, after conducting successful session for labors and then distribution of PPEs, we organized an awareness session for labor working in furniture shops. In this session they were educated about the hazards related to furniture making particularly hazards related to woodwork/ painting and common mistakes that lead to big accidents and illnesses at work place and how they can avoid these dangerous accidents and hazards related to their work. They were demonstrated what equipments should be used while working for their safety which included masks, helmets, goggles, gloves etc. Furthermore, we introduced what are the causes of fire accidents at work place, types of fire and how to control fire.  Incase if there is a fire accident then what should be done in order to prevent from huge losses. They were also demonstrated the importance and use of fire extinguishers. We believe this one day awareness session will reduce accidents at work place and together we can promote safety at workplace.


Workshop organizers Use of Fire extinguishers Trainees from Autocom Safety Equipments Labor of Furniture Workshop