CSR 2014

  INDUS Hospital Blood Drive

“People can get along without teeth or hair, but not without blood.”

Taking that same mantra in hand, Autocom set out to conduct a Blood Drive on the 19th of August, 2014 in collaboration with the Indus Hospital. This was an attempt to negate the harmful effects of blood donation! The Indus Hospital is itself inclined towards provision of medical services free of cost. Only recently, it came up with a blood bank, whereby they are involved in the collection, and provision of blood to medical facilities that are in need of it.

Thus 19th of August, the event commenced at 8am and went on for 9 hours at a stretch.  With over 120 attendees, we were able to reach a milestone of 100 donors, including the CEOs and employees of some much esteemed organizations, our Rhinos, their relatives and support staff. A total of 10 chairs were placed for drawing blood.

The preparations were underway for the past 2-3 weeks. One of the doctors herself, Dr. Uzma, had come in for an awareness session for the labors and the employees a day or two before so as to be able to bring in more donors.

Goody bags were distributed to the donors, for which we would like to thank Mr. Asif Nisar (Karachi Lighthouse) and Mr. Jameel Mughal (McDonalds) in recognition for extending their endless support. One of the donors, Ms. Shireen Husain, the owner of the Clover School, was in awe of the decorations, her focus of attention being the small picture corner put up by the team. Snacks such as juice packs, biscuits, bananas and cake were also distributed. Adults and youngsters alike attended the event.

Mr. Khayam Husain also graced us with his presence several times during the course of the event, bringing in his guests. It was indeed an honor for Autocom to be showered with praises and appreciation from almost all visitors. The Indus Hospital’s team’s efforts were commendable.

It was a great experience altogether and marked a great achievement in the history of Autocom. Ms. Zehra Raza and her team’s aim, of inculcating in others the idea of regular blood donation while also negating its harmful effects, eventually did pay off.