Why Autocom?

At Automobile Corporation of Pakistan (Autocom) we value our people, the most valuable asset for a company and we ensure to provide a healthy environment whereby employee efforts do not go unnoticed. We are in a continuous process of developing our workforce on technical and professional grounds. AUTOCOM empowers each employee to take the initiative, actively get involved in different teams and achieve high impact results that really make a difference.


Our People and Culture:

Today, AUTOCOM brand is build with the strength of a multi-disciplinary engineering team, a 24/7 after sales service, in-house engineering strict quality control. We have also taken the initiative of equipping our company with the most powerful ERP tool of SAP in order to enhance efficiency, productivity and improve quality at workplace. We grow as a company by growing our people and in order to raise the bar AUTOCOM has taken the initiative of highlighting a star employee every month as “Rhino of the Month”. HR ALSO arranges monthly sessions pertaining to development of our valuable employees on various grounds.