PSO Liquid Cargo

48,000 Liter 4 Compartment as per PSO Standard

HASCOL Petroleum Cargo

50,000 Liter 4 Compartment HASCOL

NLC Petroleum Cargo

48,000 Liters Fuel tanker 2 Compartment as per NLC Standard

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Rhino Pulse

Presenting Rhino Pulse - January 2018 to June 2018...


Corporate trainer Ms. Fauzia Kerai

providing in-house training to Autocom management on goal setting and KPIs.


Excellent article

Road transport workers by Ms. Zeenat Hisam


Hascol - Autocom

Proud to be a partner with HASCOL to build their fleet of tank trailers for motor gasoline, diesel and fuel oil.


A rhino charges with singleness of purpose

All energy is directed toward the attainment of one burning desire.


Hascol visit to AUTOCOM assembly plant

Hascol Session at AUTOCOM: Signing of Haulier Agreement for 100% OGRA Compliance in Road Tanker Fleet.